JACOB (teaser)

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Teaser for animated feature film project.
(Crackartoons Studios )

( Concept Idea - Character Design - Direction )

About Jacob:

Jacob is a character created by the illustrator Terry Amaini, and has become a feature project thanks to the production company Crackartoons Studios from Milan. Jacob always hides behind an apparently innocent panda mask. Thanks to it, on Halloween night, he can make any bloody action for his only aim: getting sweets he loves so much. Two guys, John and Jamie, investigate on these murders, but they can never unmask the guilty. In this contest the secondary characters are people living in the peaceful Pumpkinville, set of the story. They all have their own skeleton in their cupboard and their psychosis. Murders are almost never shown directly; the cartoon atmosphere helps make it all a noir funny comedy, where violence gives place to comedy and tragedy to irony. The film gives homage to the slash movies so famous in the 80's.

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