"Tutto Cade" (B-nario) videoclip

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( Direction )

This videoclip for the italian group B-nario was made editing scenes from the Web animated series : Lee & Marvin
(12 episodes - Directed by S. Zancolò and T. Amaini - written by A.Crippa - produced by Crackartoons Studios)

Two heavy weight boxers, who are practically identical, can never get around to beginning a fight because each time a different obstacle gets in their way.
From episode to episode they will have to ingeniously resolve problems that are ever more absurd like repairing a defected referee bought in the sale of a sports shop, or finding the ring that has mysteriously disappeared, or thwarting an alien threat, and finally having to defeat the apocalypse: all of this to restore the initial situation, that is, the two boxers in the ring ready to punch each other at the sound of the bell, an event which will never take place

Lee and Marvin is a satirical saga where the main characters, born and bred boxers, will do everything apart from what they were designed to do.


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